I have a terrible, almost obsessive habit of stowing away empty glass bottles under the impression that I will be able to recycle and repurpose every single one of these empties into vases, candle holders, art, you name it. Then, after about a month of these empty wine bottles stacking up in my room (misleading guests into thinking I have a MUCH worse habit), I relinquish the dream and recycle the old-fashioned way. 

But this week, I was able to save one! I finally sat down and went to work to creating this southern-inspired flower vase and it was a breeze! I followed an easy and quick tutorial from Kirstin at Craftiments. All you need is an empty wine bottle (that's the easiest part!), some vintage doilies, scissors, glue, a paintbrush and clear acrylic spray (I didn't have this last one but used liquid all-purpose sealer and it turned out ok).

Since you have to do a few coats of glue, it takes about an hour from start to finish, including dry time. It makes for a fast and fulfilling project for a Sunday afternoon.


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