Happy National Volunteer Week, y'all.

It must have been fate that led me to PAWS Atlanta this weekend because I had no clue this week was devoted to celebrating volunteerism - but, boy, did I kick it off the right way this Sunday. 

This weekend my friend Cassidy and I were inspired to try something new and meet some new people along the way. And being that we are kind and gentle souls, our adventure was fulfilled through volunteering at a local animal shelter. We went with a bunch of young folks, just like us, through a cool organization called Community Bucket. More on them later. 

First, the pups.

My, oh, my. All of these puppies were after my heart. Each and every one. As soon as I parked my car I could hear their barks and, upon later translation, I discovered they were, in fact, calling out my name. After a little chit-chat with the other dog-loving volunteers (there might have been a cat person around but, for obvious reasons, we had nothing in common), we went to work. The staff member at the shelter threw out a few options for us: organize newspapers to be used in the crates or clean windows or do something I was immediately ineligible for because it required heavy lifting or play with the cats (gross) or walk the dogs.
Cassidy and I, true pros of manipulation, waited until every project had been spoken for and, oh darn, what do ya know, we were stuck walking the dogs. Funny how these things work out. 

We walked some real sweetheart dogs: Noel, Biscotti, Rainne, Skye and Tamara. Each amble through the dog trail was different from the next. 
PictureSource: PAWSAtlanta.org
There was Noel, who just about choked herself from excitement, tugging on the leash as hard as she could to see every little plant and smell every little scent. 

PictureSource: PAWSAtlanta.org
Biscotti is a hyper but gentle lab mix, jumping up for more pets and kisses whenever she could. She will probably make a perfect fetching dog when she finally gets the chance. 

PictureSource: PAWSAtlanta.org
Rainne saw us coming a mile away when came to leash her up. She gave us the saddest puppy eyes I have ever seen (I have a lot to learn from her) but the moment she was out in the sun, she was the most content and peaceful dog we walked all day.

PictureSource: PAWSAtlanta.org
Skye was a true rarity. She had ice-blue eyes and we pegged her as the artist of the bunch. We only made it about 10 ft into the trail before she hopped up on a bunch and just looked off into the distance, dreaming dog dreams. She didn't even need all the kicks and giggles from the walking trail. Just the sun on her face was enough. 

Last, but not least, was Tamara. She was the angel of the afternoon. A small little runt (what I usually call rat-dogs) with a big personality. Each step she took was a little trot, a perky punch into the ground, but she wasn't one to back down from the big dogs. Typical Napoleon-complex.

**Post Update (5/1/2013) - I'm happy to report Tamara was adopted. Check out her new family!

It was hard to turn and bid farewell to our new furry friends but I truly hope they will not be there when we return and are busy with their new loving families instead. PAWS Atlanta is a no-kill shelter and works to adopt out every single animal they have. So if you liked any of the personalities above, please go visit their website and add to your family.

Looks like I ran out of room before I got the chance to talk about Community Bucket! Sorry, folks. Next time!

04/22/2013 10:28pm

My favorite part was the way you subtly shared your feelings about cats.

AND I loved your descriptions of all the angels that we walked!! UGH! So much fun. Thanks for asking me to come :) The best day ever!


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